Is there a minor in Music?

Currently, we only offer the Music major. 

Do you offer Jazz or World Music?

Students interested in Jazz Studies or World Music should apply to the UCLA Department of Ethnomusicology.

Do you have a program in Musical Theater?

The Music department will consider vocalists who demonstrate outstanding professional potential primarily in Musical Theater while also performing classical vocal repertoire credibly. 

Students interested in pursuing a full major in Musical Theater should contact the UCLA School of Theater, Film & Television.

Does the Music department offer Film Scoring?

The Music department’s undergraduate composition program offers a comprehensive training in composition with emphasis in traditional classical models.  Individual study with our faculty can provide an opportunity to learn composition for film, television, and media. 

Does the Music department offer a program in Music Production or Recording?

Our undergraduate program offers majors in Performance, Composition, or Music Education as a student’s primary focus.  We also offer a Music Industry minor that includes coursework in recording and production.

I would like to play for UCLA but don’t want to be a Music major. What are my options?

If admitted to UCLA in another major, you are welcome to audition for any of our large performance ensembles.  Audition information will be available during the summer prior to the fall quarter.  Auditions for performance groups are generally held at the beginning of fall quarter. 


If I selected another major as my first choice, can I double major in Music?

UCLA only considers your first choice major in the application process.  If you have applied to UCLA under another major and want to participate in the audition selection process required of all Music majors, you must change your first choice major to Music before November 30th.

If you have already been admitted to UCLA under another major, you may apply to Music as a change of major/double major applicant, and be asked to audition. 

What do you consider in making admission decisions?

Your audition/interview is the primary factor in the review process at the departmental level, but the faculty also considers your self-reported academic record.  Upon the faculty's recommendation for admission, the Undergraduate Admissions office determines academic eligibility based on UC guidelines.  For more information on UC eligibility, please visit the University of California website

If I have submitted pre-screening material and did not receive an on-campus audition, does this mean that I will not be admitted to UCLA?

If you submitted pre-screening multimedia or a composition portfolio, and do not receive an on-campus audition appointment, you will be denied admission to UCLA.

If the Music department does not select me for admission, can I still get into UCLA?

UCLA only considers your first choice major in the application process.  Unless you have changed your major to another major other than Music, once you are denied at the pre-screening or campus audition level by the Music department, your admission to UCLA is denied.


How will the Music department contact me about auditions?

If you indicated Music as your first choice major, you will be notified by email about the required audition and supplemental materials.  You may read more about the supplemental application process here.

Do you require a Music Theory exam?

Music theory placement examinations are given to accepted students only, during their summer orientation before fall quarter.  The music theory exam is 90% listening; you will be asked to identify and complete melodic and harmonic dictations, and identify key signatures.

Do Composition applicants have to audition?

Composition applicants first submit a composition portfolio.  If selected for an on-campus interview, you will also have to show indication of your performance ability on your instrument. 

Is there any difference in the audition repertoire if you are applying for Music Education?

Not for most instruments.  If so, the audition repertoire sheet will indicate it.

Do I have to perform the pieces specifically listed on the repertoire list?

Unless it is specifically stated that a piece is “Required”, the repertoire lists are recommendations for appropriate level of performance. You may choose those pieces shown, or perform others you prefer.

Is it required that I play the entire piece?  Can I play just one movement?

For all pre-screening instruments, the entire piece is expected unless specific movements are requested. For campus auditions, you should be capable of performing an entire piece, although selected movements will most likely be requested.

How long is the audition?  Is there anything else I will need to do?

Most auditions including any possible interview are about fifteen (15) minutes.  If you indicated Music Education as your first choice, you will also meet with the Music Education faculty.

If I have a conflict for my assigned audition, what should I do?

Notify the Office of Student Services and Enrollment Management as soon as possible by emailing   Please note that it is extremely difficult to reschedule auditions, so it may be that the department will request a multimedia recording in lieu of a live audition should you not be able to keep your assigned appointment.