String Faculty:

Antonio Lysy--Cello
Guillaume Sutre--Violin
Movses Pogossian--Violin
Richard O'Neill--Viola
Chris Hanulik--String Bass


UCLA CAMARADES ("The Music of Friends") is the title given to the chamber music program at UCLA, guided and driven by the String Department. It offers superior coaching to all ensembles incorporating strings, from trios to octets, with a special consideration to the rich string quartet literature. These endeavors of study and instruction are crowned by quarterly concerts, and form the basis of the group's essential experience on stage.

The UCLA Camarades Ensemble is a versatile chamber music group ranging from duos to a full string orchestra composed of the UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music's acclaimed string faculty and its most gifted students. This ensemble is constituted for campus and off-campus concerts, granting students the privilege to learn via on-stage performance with their mentors at the highest standards, and to share with them the joy of chamber music. Since its inception in 2009, Camarades ensembles have performed at numerous chamber music series and venues of Los Angeles including previous performances at LACMA's Sundays Live, Trinity Lutheran Church in Manhattan Beach, Dilijan Series in Zipper hall, Music Guild (Los Angeles), and as featured guests at the Los Angeles Philanthropic Committee for the Arts' annual gala at the Chandler Pavillion. Recent residencies with acclaimed performances at international festivals in Yerevan, Armenia and in Tuscany, Italy have made for particularly enriching experiences.


String quartets recently formed within the UCLA Camarades program have also received distinctions in competitions, including, finalist in the Chesapeake Chamber Competition (2011), winners of the Ladies Musical Club of Seattle (2013), finalists at the Coleman Competition (2014).

Since 2013, Camarades has welcomed a graduate string quartet residency supported by a generous gift from an anonymous donor who created an Armenian Music Program at UCLA. The beneficiary, the VEM Quartet, has since enjoyed frequent and special outreach opportunities, including national and international performances.

The requirements, policies and guidelines for this program are regularly being revised as it continues to develop. Please visit our UCLAStrings website for more information about our string chamber music program.

We look forward to welcoming you in our Camarades very soon!

The String Faculty

Below:  Antonio Lysy and the 2014-2015 cello studio