Music Professor Donald Neuen will travel to Seoul, South Korea, July 15-31 to teach the musical and interpretive aspects (in Korean) of his new edition of Handel’s ever-popular oratorio, Messiah to over 400 Korean choral conductors who are eagerly awaiting its publication by the Miwansung Publishing Company.

Neuen will teach all three aspects of the oratorio: the choruses, solos and orchestral accompaniments, along with the basic  historical foundation of the work. Neuen’s extensive and personal study of Messiah, was conducted with Jens Peter Larsen (Copenhagen) and the German-American musicologists Alfred Mann and Julius Herford. These three scholars (all now deceased) are still respected as the world’s most revered Handel scholars since the composer’s death.

South Korea has recently gained a world-wide reputation for having the finest professional choral activity of any nation. They have sixteen 42-voice professional choruses whose full time positions are active year-round. The singers are all music school vocal major graduates, and the conductors are superb professionals as well. At the present time, no country matches Korea’s professional choral output. The United States, for example has never had a full year’s work for a professional chorus. Even the famed Robert Shaw and Roger Wagner Chorales (no longer in existence) only performed for a short 8-10 week portion of the year, plus a few weeks of recordings. In the U.S., it is only the Metropolitan Opera Chorus that has a long season of continual employment, during the Met season from September through June.