Music Industry and Technology at UCLA

The Music Industry minor is a series of courses designed to (1) introduce students to a critical perspective on the formative effects the music industry and music technology has had on musical practices around the world; (2) prepare students for employment in the music industry, including marketing and sales, recording production, intellectual property, sound recording, and arranging; and (3) contribute to improved communication and interaction between the university, the music industry, and the musical life of Los Angeles.

Eligibility Requirements:

-          Students who entered UCLA as freshman must complete at least three quarters of residency

-          Transfer students must complete at least one quarter of residence

-           Students must be in good academic standing with at least a 2.0 cumulative GPA

-           Students not enrolled in a music-related major must complete at least one lower division music performance or music ensemble course (Ethnomusicology 91A – 91Z, Music C90A – 90N, C90Q – M90T or equivalent) prior to entry into the minor. The performance requirement may also be fulfilled through successful completion of Music Industry 111, or through an equivalent Music Industry course by petition.

-          Applications are accepted every quarter and are due by Friday of the fourth week of classes (available from the Office of Student Services, 2200 Broad Art Center, or the Ethnomusicology, Music, and Music History counselors)

Course Requirements:

A.  Core requirements (8 units):                                                                                               

Music Industry 101: Seminar in the Music Industry, Technology, and Science (4 units)

Music Industry 195:  Community or Corporate Internships in Music Industry and Technology (4 units, pass/no pass grading)

B.      Additional Upper Division Requirements (20 units):

Five courses selected from Music Industry 102 – 112, M182 (same as Ethnomu CM182/Music CM182/Mus Hst CM186), 188, 195, 197; Ethnomusicology C100, 105, M110B (same as Afro-Am M110B), 117, C169, 172A, C184; Music C176; Music History 140, 164, 185; Film and TV 122B.
NOTE: Students who are not majors in ethnomusicology, music, or music history must demonstrate music theory proficiency by either passing the Department of Music theory placement examination, completing Music 3 with a minimum grade of C+, or by completing an equivalent course (consultation with the Music Industry chair is required).

With the exception of Music Industry 195 (may be taken twice for credit), courses for the minor must be taken for a letter grade.  No more than two courses (eight units) may be applied toward both the Music Industry minor and a major or minor in another department or program.


Course List

FACULTY ADVISOR: Robert Fink, Professor of Musicology, 2436 Schoenberg Music Building, 310-206-7549,

COUNSELOR: Brenda Galvez, Student Affairs Officer, 1642A Schoenberg Music Building, (310) 206-5002,