Admissions: Music Graduate Degree Programs

Performance / Conducting: Master of Music (MM) and Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA)

The MM and DMA degrees are offered in all classical solo instruments, voice, and conducting. Jazz performance is also offered at the Master's level. The MM is designed to prepare the exceptionally gifted student for a career as a professional musician in today’s highly competitive music marketplace. The DMA is designed to add another dimension to the MM and prepare a few, select students for careers that combine professional performance with teaching in higher education.

Graduate Admissions: Performance & Conducting

Composition: Master of Arts (MA) and the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

(With an optional cognate in Ethnomusicology for the PhD)

 In the MA and PhD programs, students explore a wide variety of compositional techniques in order to develop their own individual styles. Emphasis is placed on the performance of original and contemporary student works. Students consider such influences as the Los Angeles cultural mix, the styles and trends of the second half of the 20th century, and the emerging 21st century.

Composition Application Procedures

Please see our Music Graduate Admissions: Frequently Asked Questions  page for additional information.