Instructions for accessing the Schoenberg room reservation schedule:

Go to:

Click on "Classroom Schedule"

Choose "Guest Account"

No password is needed.

Choose "Week List"

From the chosen week, you will see room numbers at the right.  Not all rooms are reservable. 

1421 and 1151 are reserved for the Monk Institute Only.

1100 and 1200 must be reserved through the theater reservation request page. 

The Ostin Ensemble Room, Ostin 110A is reserved for use of Opera UCLA only.  Requests for use of this room for specific events must be directed to Peter Kazaras, Director of Opera UCLA.

Classrooms which may be reserved if space is available are: 1818, 1325, 1343, 1344, 1345, 1354, 1402, 1420, 1439 and 1440. Specialty rooms such as the keyboard lab, computer lab, Mancini Studio, etc. may be requested.

The Ethnomusicology specialty rooms must be requested through Donna Armstrong, at .