For the MA, you must submit at least 3 compositions; for the PhD, at least 5.
  • Please include a recording of a live performance for at least one of the pieces.
  • Portfolios must consist of scores utilizing different instrumentation (not just piano) that demonstrate breadth of experience, technical mastery, awareness of 20th-century styles, and a range of genres and instrumental forces.
  • Recordings, preferably of live recordings, may be submitted in addition to compositions, but not in lieu of them. Recordings should be submitted on an audio CD clearly labeled with name, degree, and year.
  • As an optional offering, those interested in composition for visual media may submit a CD and score of one or more film cues, with or without DVD.

All supplemental and pre-screening materials should be received by December 1 at this address:

Graduate Admissions – (Composition)
UCLA Department of Music
2539 Schoenberg Music Building

445 Charles Young Drive East
Box 951616
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1616