Interview and Assessment Examination: Those applicants who advance beyond the pre-screening round will be invited to UCLA for a 30-minute interview with the composition faculty.  All applicants will be notified whether or not they have been invited to interview by late January, with the interviews scheduled for mid-February.  In addition to an interview, semi-finalists will be asked to take the composition assessment exam as detailed below.  Semi-finalists unable to visit campus can request a telephone interview and arrange to take the assessment exam in absentia.

The exam consists of:

    • - Harmony (1 hour): writing standard 4-part harmony from a given figured bass
    • - Counterpoint (1 hour): writing counterpoint in your choice of 16th C. specie, 16 th C. imitative or 18th C. styles
    • - Dictation: taking 2-part melodic dictation and taking harmonic dictation by writing chord symbols of a given progression
    • - Analytical Essay (2 hours): writing an essay on an analytical/stylistic topic
    • - Diagnostic tests in Sight Singing and Keyboard Sight Reading (Applicants who take the exam in absentia will have the diagnostic tests as a deficiency upon admission).