For rental of classroom space by non-department related persons or groups, there will be fees charged as listed below..  Checks should be made payable to UC Regents and must be received by the department before the first event date.  Credit cards may be accepted during the academic year.  Before submitting a classroom request, please check the online room reservation schedule to determine which room is available before you submit your request at:

Large ensemble rooms (1325, 1343, 1345):  $100 per day

Regular classrooms:  $50 per day

Use of piano:  $100 per day

If extra piano tuning is needed there may be an additional charge.

For special events held during hours when the building is not open, there may be an additional charge for CSO staffing.

The Ostin Ensemble Room is not available for rental.

Any persons or groups who do not have liability insurance coverage through a University department or division must provide evidence of liability insurance coverage before the date of the rental.  There are companies who provide event date only liability insurance--you may CLICK HERE for a sample flyer for one such company.

Theater reservations must be made online separately at:

For further information, please contact Virginia Pettis at