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Mariachi de Uclatlan entertain campus guests at Chancellor’s Residence Recital

March 17th, 2016 · 4 Comments

For Mrs. Block’s third recital of this season, the versatile and entertaining Mariachi de Uclatl?n, sponsored by the Department of Ethnomusicology, performed for guests from the Facilities division and the Luskin School. they offered a varied selection of mariachi music, and then talked about their backgrounds, their instruments, and how they became members of the group, which was originally formed in the 1960’s,

Below is a photo of Mrs. Block with the group. They announced that they will be leaving the week after spring break to perform at the University of Utrecht, in the Netherlands.


The musicians in the group are:

Paulline Ariaga — violin
Alejandro Ascencio — vihuela
Gerardo Ascencio — guitarr?n
Logan Clark — guitar
Stefanie Espinosa — violin
Gabriela Gaxiola — trumpet
Fabian Narez — violin
Elisa Quui?onez — violin
Teresa Ruvalcaba — violin

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