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Professor Lefkowitz and Student Jamie Thierman in Russia–Part III

October 23rd, 2013 · No Comments

Muscovites love their composers, too. The flowers laid at Rachmaninoff’s feet are fresh. So was the snow.

Lefko-8-Tchaikovsky at Conservatory
As Rimsky-Korsakoff presides over the St. Petersburg Conservatory, Tchaikovsky presides over the Moscow Conservatory. The two conservatories were founded by two brothers, Nikolai and Anton Rubinstein.

Lefko-9-At Russian Composers Society< Prof. Lefkowitz presented his work at the Russian Composers Union (not to be confused with the St. Petersburg Composers Union nor the Moscow Composers Union, all of which are housed in beautiful buildings). The Russian Composers Union is presided over by an imposing photograph of Shostakovich.

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