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Antonio Lysy: Incontri in Terra di Siena Festival

September 28th, 2007 · 1 Comment

Ashkeknazy and Menuhin School orchestra
July 24–Ashkenazy and the Yehudi Menuhin School Orchestra

Dear Friends,

After a long, hot, but happy and successful, summer, it is nice to be back in the swing of things at UCLA.

For those who wonder what we music professors are up to during the long summer months, I thought I would share some information about one of my ongoing activities. Apart from dedicating a good part to performances at other festivals, keeping in shape as a concert cellist, I spend a portion of the summer managing and directing one of my own, in fact one I founded, 19 years ago, in Italy.

Here is a brief description of this year?s Incontri in Terra di Siena festival. More information on this endeavor can be found at

To witness the youthful exuberance of a 70 year old legend of classical music work alongside some of the world?s most talented under-18 string players (Ashkenazy and the Yehudi Menuhin School Orchestra) ? to enjoy the virtuosity of two South American experts at the top of their game firing up the public with Tango and folk music (Romulo Larrea and Alvaro Pierri) ? to admire the artistry and sensitivity of our invited chamber musicians performing Liebeslieder Walzer by Brahms, looking up at the stars on a perfect summer evening at the Castelluccio ? to experience the excitement generated by the growing number of aficionados, friends and supporters at our chamber concerts, are some of my favorite memories and inspirations during the last ten days of July 2007.

Sharing these special, intimate moments with our unique audience who increasingly makes the trip from far and wide, and knowing that they walk away fulfilled and gratified by these concerts, is what we musicians live for and it is what keeps us motivated to bring the best we can offer the following year.

This is what the ?Incontri? is all about: A meeting of minds, an opportunity to commune and appreciate some of the finer aspects of life, in an intimate and magical setting.

In addition to the wonderful music, Castelluccio hosted two exciting exhibitions: ETRUSCAN IMAGES FROM THE VIth TO THE IVth CENTURIES B.C. Vases and mirrors with mythological and funerary decorations from the necropolis of Castelluccio-Tolle (July 14-September 16), all of which were recently discovered in the necropolis in the adjoining La Foce property, where the Museum has conducted excavations during the last 10 years; and ROBERTO DEVAL in the Granaio (September 8- November 4), 3-dimensional frames and installations which attracted a nice gathering at the opening.

I?m adding a few photographs depicting these happy moments.

Ashkenazy and Rog? after Mozart concerto
Vladimir Ashkenazy and Pascal Rog? after the Mozart concerto

Next year is our 20th anniversary. If you want to celebrate with us and hear an unforgettable series of concerts in Southern Tuscany, start to make your travel arrangements!

We have grand plans for 2008 (July 25 to August 3), which include a program of Stravinsky violin and piano music, the complete sonatas by Beethoven for cello and piano separated by a ?full? interval where you will be treated to wine tasting and gastronomic delights, a unique, original and colorful program of Persian classical music crossing over with western classical traditions and based on the poetry of Rumi performed by a legendary Iranian singer, a return of some of Incontri?s most beloved artists from past years, a children?s choir from London, and other surprises.

Keep your ears to the ground!

Antonio Lysy

Roberto Deval at Castelluccio Granaio
Roberto Deval at the Castelluccio Granaio

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