Adam Gilberti
Museum Scientist
Room 1642A
(310) 206-0120

Adam Gilberti works for the departments of Music, Musicology and Ethnomusicology.  Adam controls and regulates the inventory and collections of musical instruments for the UCLA campus and does maintenance, repair and acquisition.  Adam arranges check-out and access to musical instruments for students, faculty and ensembles; and also issues keys, practice room access (cards) and lockers in the Schoenberg Music Building, in addition to advising/assisting with the process of undergraduate scholarships. 

Adam maintains a heavy schedule of composing for concert, film and musical theater, teaching private students in composition/orchestration/music theory, and playing recording sessions on a variety of instruments including percussion, clarinet, bassoon, saxophone, harp, organ, harpsichord and Lakota flute.  His research emphasizes orchestration, extended instrumentation and psychoacoustics of low-frequency instruments. He has performed with the Riverside Symphony and the Central Coast Philharmonia and has recorded for the film composers Shirley Walker and Don Davis.