About Us | UCLA Department of Music


Who we are

The UCLA Choral Program is made up of music majors and nonmusic majors, representing all walks of UCLA campus life, ranging from engineering, sociology, and math, to theater, law, English, and more. Singers are selected on vocal and musical ability alone, and therefore our groups include freshmen through doctoral students, working side by side with the common goal of musical and vocal excellence. The UCLA Chorale rehearses approximately four and a half hours per week, maintaining the highest level of professional performance discipline, mental focus, and artistic musicality and expression. The UCLA Chamber Singers rehearse four hours per week and performs a diverse repertoire of music from the Renaissance to the present.

Our philosophy

UCLA choral singers consistently mention that the depth of feeling developed through this level of singing actually carries over into the inner feelings they now experience in their everyday nonmusical life – with friends, family, nature, and in other personal situations. This is the very reason for, and purpose of, the Arts – to learn to experience, express, and freely communicate the full range of human emotion. In so doing, we can all more fully develop the human spirit.

Our impact

“The choir sang with remarkable agility and brightness…A performance of sculpted shapes and springing rhythms…The performance was stirring…impressively loud and impressively soft.”