Dobrow Guest Artist Fund

Please read before filling out the application linked below:

In an effort to better align the utilization of the Joyce S. and Robert U. Nelson Fund with the intentions of the donors, as well as to maximize the utilization of other School gifts, on July 20, 2017, the Dean’s Cabinet approved a strategic restructuring of the ways in which the Dean’s Office provides funding for guest lecturers and events in The UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music. The Nelson Fund will now support initiatives in composition and musicology.

The Cabinet requested that the Dean identify sources of funding to ensure that Music Department performance-oriented activities hitherto supported by the Nelson Fund, be supported at the same funding levels in the future.

Consequently, the Dean has designated an annual fund of ~$18,000 in the Dobrow Endowment base budget in support of Music Department master classes, coachings, large ensemble sectional rehearsals, guest residencies, and performance/lectures in Western classical music of all eras. The intention is to widen the exposure of our students to guest artists and mentors from outside the campus.

There are two categories of events the Dobrow Guest Artist Fund will support:

1.      Single-event activities, such as master classes, guest appearances at classes, coachings, sectional rehearsals, and performances or lectures in classical music. Maximum honoraria for these activities will be $500 per guest. If a guest is coming from out of town, transportation, housing and/or parking support may be requested in addition to the honorarium. If multiple guests are invited for one event (e.g., chamber groups), the $500 honorarium may apply to each guest.

2.      Larger scale, multi-event activities, such as guest residencies.  These events should involve performance.

Ladder and non-ladder faculty from the Department of Music may apply for Dobrow Guest Artist Fund grants. Graduate students cannot apply on behalf of eligible faculty. Multiple faculty members may be listed as applicants for the same grant. While not imposing limits on the amount of funding an individual faculty member can request, the dean has expressed a strong preference for spreading these funds as widely and equitably as possible among our faculty. Therefore, all faculty are encouraged to submit applications with as much advance notice as possible, to allow funding to maximally benefit the Department’s students.

In your application, please be as specific as possible regarding the content, budget, scheduling, room reservations, staff support, and media needs of your project.

If proposed Dobrow Guest Artist Fund projects involve undergraduate classes, applicants are also eligible to apply for Office of Instructional Development “mini-grants.” OID mini-grants may be used to fund guest appearances related only to undergraduate classes and cannot be used to pay full-time employees of UCLA. Information, restrictions, rules, and applications for OID mini-grants may be found here. In the interest of stretching Dobrow Guest Artist Fund resources as widely as possible, applicants are asked to make every effort to use their annual allotment of OID mini-grants ($150 per speaker; up to $300 per quarter) and, when possible, to use mini-grants to offset Dobrow Guest Artist Fund honorarium requests.

Applications for the Dobrow Guest Artist Fund will be reviewed and adjudicated by the Department Chair, the Chair of the Performance and Music Education Division and an at-large ladder faculty member to be determined by nomination and faculty vote at the final faculty meeting of the preceding year.

Once a Dobrow funding request is approved, the payee may not be paid until the responsible faculty member submits a Request for Payment form and other personnel forms to the School of Music Orders account: . These forms can be found online here.

Dobrow Guest Artist Fund Application Form